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Monday, December 7, 2009
A New Life

Lifes full of life.
I just noticed
I never thought
I did deserve such things

All I've been seeing
A lonely guy
Just what I've never thought
Everyones with me

Seeing myself so dumb
I never felt this numb
Looking back at the past
And laught at how stupid I was

My life has been full of laughter
With friends and family together
I've never thought life was so beautiful
Till I met you all.

To my friends and my family.!!!! u guys rock!!!!!!

By: Krev

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Monday, November 30, 2009
Confused about love.

It's been 4 days
he've lost all sense in my brain
Feeling so numb and yet dumb
What am he to do?

To like someone impossible
To live a life of a loner
Maybe he use to be a sinner
Now karma comes back for him

What is he to do
A thousand thoughts
Shroud my mind
A thousand word he think tonight

Neverending madness
Is it worth it?
Never ending love
It a dmannation to ones health

A lonely guy
Once fabeled to be in love
Now lost in the midst
Of the loved and the unloved

What am I to do?
If i am that guy
What do i seek in life?
If it is love and when it is not love...

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Sunday, September 20, 2009
BY: Doctor Harold Shipman

Die every single one
Sweep these dead corpse
and put their lifeless body
on desolation row

Drain their blood
Burn their shrewed bodies
Breakall their faces
Let death consume everyone

A demon I am
Possesed by him maybe
My eyes are dialted
Cause everything feels so cold

I feel weak
Cuts on my body
The blood i severed
Inviting darkness in me

Blood is all i want
The young to the old
Cause i cannot contain
My sense of normal anymore

I rather feel pain
As it brings nostalgia
Of all the people murdered
From this blissful world

A memorial to the 215 victims that were murdered by Doctor Harold Shipman

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Love, uncondtionally love, Never felt so innocent

It took me so long to have a chance to like now
How will I get a chance to tell you
That u mean so much to me.

Flowers I’ve been trying to give to you
They just wilt
Every time I tried to give you

The coffee is always cold
Waiting for you
In the cafe you usually go

I always wanted to tell you
That I’ll never live without you
Finally I’m not scared to tell you

Baby, ever since the day I met you
I wanted to tell you
That i love you deeply and truly, without a doubt

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wind blows so strong

Sweeping everything in it's path

Revolving leaves

A lonely autumn

Trees wilt

As the leaves fall one by one

Death takes place everywhere

As here I am in the cemetary

The winds are full of evil

The wind blew my scarf away

Prayers and a dramatic silence

As i see you dead

A lullaby rings in my head

As if the wind is singing it to me

Speechless I am

A faith of hopes dosen't seem to beacon

Dressed in black

The only soul with you

The only soul for you

Takecare of me

As i wish the winds would blow me away, too

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Monday, September 7, 2009
I can't tell you how much i love you

I dream today
You were beside my bed
Lonely i am
Just filling my time thinking of you

Summer days
Never ever felt the same
Without you
It jus t don’t feel right

And I sit by the side walk
Deeply thinking pouring my heart out
You’re a blow in my brains
Because I can’t tell you how much I love you

Here I am
just pacing up and down
I don’t know how
To tell you that I love you

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Saturday, September 5, 2009
The Proprosal

My hearts racing

Going crazy

Sweat racing though my body

Well guess itz life

The ring is in the box

I forgot to wear my socks

Left my coat

Burned my shirt

Forgot to tie my laces

Late for dinner

Running like a marathon race

Cause I'm late

I kept my feeling

Lock in side of me

Finally It's time

To tell you I love you

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